Sunday, January 20, 2008

Confessions of an Occasional Insomniac

Night beckons me to linger

in her lovely solitude.

She lures me with her ebony eyes

and soundless movements.

Alone, and blessedly un-obliged,

I revel in her midnight beauty.

Morning comes too quickly,

mocking my foolish weakness

and weary eyes.

Sensibility demands I rest my aching body.

I vow I will. Soon.


When night falls,

I know I shall succumb again to her eternal charm

I shall sacrifice

a thousand years of sleep

and the rich tangle of dreams such sleep owns

If thou,

Oh sweet Night,

Will just but let me linger

a little longer,

just ever so much longer

In the blackness of your splendor

1 comment:

Cierra said...

This was very enjoyable to read. We have alot more in common than I realized. Do you write often?